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Do you dread the pre-purchase home inspection process because you’ve had bad experiences with incompetent or unethical home inspectors?

We understand. We’re here to help. Here’s how:

InterNACHI South Africa is a qualifying and support association for neutral third-party home inspectors. Our mission is training, education, and support of our members, and promotion of the home inspection industry in South Africa.

The absence of any jurisdictional requirements regulating the home inspection industry along with the lack of any established Standards has been a problem in the past. It has resulted in a lack of uniformity of inspection services across South Africa, and a lack of confidence in the home inspection industry on the part of consumers and members of the estate industry.


You may be asked by a client for guidance in choosing someone to inspect the home. None of the following professionals are trained to understand how home systems and components age and fail.

  • Builders are trained to build homes.
  • Architects are trained to design homes.
  • Engineers are trained to perform engineering calculations.
  • A valuer will only confirm the value of the home.

To avoid inaccurate reports or inspectors with inadequate training that can ruin a transaction for no good reason, recommend only a professional trained specifically to understand how homes age and fail, one who follows a Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics; recommend an InterNACHI-certified home inspector.

In addition to providing comprehensive Commercial and  Residential Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics, InterNACHI Australia has stringent membership requirements. To join, applicants must first pass our online entrance exam. The entrance exam for InterNACHI US, comparable in degree of difficulty to that of InterNACHI South Africa has been taken by over 130,000 people, 60% of whom have failed. (link takes about a minute to load).

You can find a more detailed description of our membership requirements here.

Our members have free access to over 30 online written and video inspection courses as part of their membership. They have access to Nachi.TV, with dozens of videos on building- and inspection-related subjects. Educational requirements over the first three years of membership are specific and have deadlines. Members must meet ongoing CPD requirements of 24 hours a year, in addition to successfully completing the online entrance exam again each year. Our members never stop learning.



InterNACHI South Africa is a certifying organization for home inspectors. We train, educate and support our members and promote the home inspect0n industry. Our members are individual business operators and InterNACHI South Africa does not perform criminal  background checks or in any way regulate or assume responsibility for the business practices of our members. Although our members are required to abide by our Code of Ethics, those hiring inspectors should exercise due diligence in choosing an inspector.

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