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About the Online Entrance Exam

Our online entrance exam is not an easy one to pass.  It isn’t meant to be. Successful completion requires time and a willingess to study. The reward for achieving a passing grade is that you can then gain entry into a home inspection organisation with a reputation for high qualification and membership standards, and whose member’s professional status exceeds that of others in the industry who are left with less powerful credentials.

Once you’ve qualified to exhibit the InterNACHI logo on your website and marketing material, you’ve taken a big step forward in promoting your business!

Those with a background in the building trades, architecture or structural engineering will have an advantage, but only to a degree. Home inspection is only partially about knowing how homes are built correctly. Our main focus is on how buildings age and fail.

Here are website links that will be helpful in studying for the entrance exam:

The easiest way to pass the interNACHI entrance exams is to join interNACHI as a Student Member. This will give you access to all the online courses. Once you have qualified by passing the exams, you can become a full member at no additional cost.

Those who show the persistence necessary to pass the exam will find themselves in good company and with access to a wide array of tools for building a successful business.

You can take the exam as often as you like with no penalty, so don’t hesitate to try!


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