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Continuing Education Policy

A message about Continuing Education from our Executive Director.


  • Continuing Education is an integral aspect of InterNACHI’s mission to help inspectors maintain inspection excellence.
  • Continuing Education permits InterNACHI members to meet the requirements of new home inspection legislation.
  • Continuing Education helps ensure that each member recognizes changes within the home inspection industry.
  • Continuing Education improves our membership’s combined knowledge and helps make InterNACHI a strong association.


InterNACHI’s Continuing Education requirements are very straightforward.  Members must complete 24 hours of continuing education per calendar year, the attendance of which must be verifiable (all member’s continuing education accomplishments need to be uploaded to the members-only education log). Two exceptions exist and are as follows.


  1. New Member Exception : New members need not complete any continuing education in the first calendar year they join InterNACHI. Example: A new member who joins InterNACHI in July of 2005 need only complete 24 hours of continuing education by December 31, 2006.
  2. Cumulative Exception : Members need not complete 24 hours of continuing education if their average continuing education hours completed per year is equal to or greater than 24.  Example: An inspector who completes 48 hours of continuing education in his first year would not be required to complete any continuing education in his second year. In other words, members are not penalized for completing more continuing education than the required minimum. This exception was adopted to encourage inspectors to seek out continuing education options longer than 24 hours in length.

Qualifying Continuing Education

InterNACHI’s qualifying subject matter is quite broad. Anything reasonably deemed to be inspection-related can be considered qualifying including CEU’s earned for other inspection associations, construction seminars, and code enforcement training. Courses, classes, and seminars all qualify. Example:  A mold seminar that lasts 2 hours qualifies as 2 hours of continuing education.  InterNACHI Chapter meetings qualify for 1 hour of continuing education (even though they last longer).   If you are an education provider or school and seek free approval from InterNACHI, visit:
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