InterNACHI South Africa

Choosing an Inspector

Why use an InterNACHI South Africa inspector?

  • Our members are neutral third parties. They have no financial interest in the transaction, so their inspections are not influenced by whether or not the home sells. An InterNACHI inspector’s job is to represent the financial interests of their client.
  • InterNACHI inspectors have access to specialized training. We offer more online training than any other inspection organization in the world.  These  written and video courses are available to InterNACHI members only.
  • InterNACHI members specialize in protecting home buyers. A bank representative will only confirm the loan to value. Estate agents are trained to sell homes, not how to find defects that might threaten their livlihood,. Engineers are trained to perform engineering calculations, and contractors are trained to build homes. Neither engineers or contractors are trained to understand how home systems and components age and fail.
  • Our member are trained to understand how home systems age and fail.It is important for inspectors to know where to look and what to look for.
  • InterNACHI members follow a Standards of Practice. These minimum guidelines help ensure that a client knows what to inspect and is protected.
  • InterNACHI members adhere to a code of ethics. This code is strictly enforced and members who violate it lose their membership permanently.


Our Commitments

When an Inspector becomes an InterNACHI South Africa member a two-way commitment is created.

As an organization, we are committed to educating  that member not only in the inspection of homes, but in how to establish and run a successful inspection business. We are dedicated to seeing our members succeed. We make it our business to supply excellent training and services that will allow them to perform their work and run their businesses capably.

In return, our members make both a financial commitment as a dues-paying member, and a time commitment. Our members are required to complete 24 hours of approved, inspection-related courses each year. We provide them with written certifications upon successful completion of each course.

Our Requirements

In addition to our ongoing requirements, before becoming a member, applicants must pass our entrance exam. It is so difficult that 60% of those who take it fail. Non-members have not had to pass an inspection exam or approved inspection courses and home buyers will have  no reliable way to determine their level of competence.

Our Standards

When an inspector becomes a member they agree to abide by a minimum Standards of Practice that binds them to provide a minimum service. Non-member inspectors have no such requirement and their services may vary widely both in what they cover and the the protection that their inspection offers.

Our Ethics

Our members have all agreed to abide by a strict Code of Ethics Designed to protect their clients and InterNACHI South Africa’s reputation. Any Inspector who violates this code will be stricken from the membership rolls permanently.



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