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South Africa: Soils, Substructure, and Superstructure course

Welcome to InterNACHI’s free, online South Africa: Soils, Substructure, and Superstructure course. In keeping with InterNACHI’s commitment to Continuing Education, this course is open and free to all members, and can be taken again and again, without limit.

This course covers soil types, their performance characteristics and the effect they have on substructures and superstructures. It also covers construction methods of substructures and superstructures to accommodate soil conditions, and how they age and fail.
After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • inspect building structures and the various affects the soil has on those structures that bear upon it;
  • identify soils types and describe their characteristics and soils can affect structures; and
  • document common types of sub- and super-structures, their basic design criteria, and how they age and fail, including common defects.
Topics include:
  • What is Soil?
  • Heaving
  • Subsidence
  • Quiz #1
  • Collapsible Soils
  • Compressible Soils
  • Dolomite and Limestone Settlement
  • Soil Shear Strength
  • Quiz #2
  • Fill
  • Inadequate Compaction
  • Moisture in Soil
  • Quiz #3
  • Case Studies
  • Tree-related Problems
  • Tree-related Problems
  • Quiz #4
  • Substructures
  • Site Preparation
  • Foundation Function
  • Quiz #5
  • Raft Foundations
  • Pile/Pier Foundations
  • Non-bearing Foundations
  • Quiz #6
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Inspecting Foundations
  • Heaving and Subsidence
  • Quiz #7
  • Shrinkage Cracks
  • Crazing
  • Corner Cracking
  • Reactive Aggregate
  • Quiz #8
  • Reinforcement Steel Corrosion
  • Rising damp
  • Quiz #9
  • Efflorescence
  • Concrete Surface Damage
  • Flaking and Spalling
  • Dusting Concrete
  • Problems Related to Placing Concrete
  • Quiz #10
  • Superstructure
  • Glossary of Terms for Superstructures
  • Quiz #11
  • Inspection of Superstructures
  • Cracking in Masonry
  • Quiz #12
  • Crack diagnosis
  • Inspection Considerations
  • Quiz #13
  • Conclusion
Course includes:
  • 4 CE credit hours;
  • 94 quiz questions in 13 quizzes;
  • 100-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  • instant grading; and
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.
Upon completion of this course and passing of the 100-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool), the student can download and print their own Certificate of Completion which is auto-generated in their own name.
The student’s (InterNACHI member’s) information is recorded on InterNACHI’s servers for membership compliance verification, and automatically logs completion into InterNACHI’s online Continuing Education log.  It counts as four InterNACHI Continuing Education hours.
Members will need their username and password.  If you have forgotten your password, CLICK HERE (instant response) or email [email protected] and request it (don’t forget your name).
Non-members can log in with an account you created for InterNACHI’s online inspector exam, use an account that you created for another online course, or create a new account now. Non-members will only be able to view the first slide of the course.


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