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  1. Free Inspector Marketing Library
  2. Free Soils, Substructure and Superstructure course
  3. Free logo usage (InterNACHI South Africa, Certified Professional Inspector)- scroll down
  4. Free Inspector Marketing Department
  5. Free access to NACHI.TV
  6. Free First Time Home Buyer Friendly web seal
  7. Free royalty-free use of the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Property
  8. Free inspection-related article library
  9. Free $10,000.00 Honor Guarantee
  10. Free internet-generated inspection leads
  11. Free online How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion course
  12. Free online How to Perform Energy Audits course
  13. Free online Indoor Air Quality for Inspectors course
  14. Free online, editable signable inspection agreement system with auto-notification
  15. Free sample letter you can mail to your clients that brings in more inspection work
  16. Free online Customer Service and Communication for Inspectors course
  17. Free online Performing a Home Energy Audit video course
  18. Free Employment agreement with non-compete clause 
  19. Free online How to Perform Mold Inspections course
  20. Free use of Certified Professional Inspector® (CPI)
  21. Free online Energy Movement course
  22. Free online 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know course
  23. Free online Introduction to InterNACHI’s Residential Standards of Practice course
  24. Free online Building Science and Thermal Imaging course
  25. Free online Advanced Mold Inspection Training video course
  26. Free marketing of your ancillary inspections
  27. Free Search Engine Optimization Tracker
  28. Free marketing to investors
  29. Free InterNACHI Education and Camaraderie
  30. Free chapter websites
  31. Free use of trademarked taglines
  32. Free online courses
  33. Free infrared addendum
  34. Free online How to Inspect Pools and Spas course
  35. Free use of the Client Satisfaction Survey
  36. Free 5-year, gold InterNACHI pins
  37. Free multiple copies of your certificate of membership with your name and InterNACHI member number on it
  38. Free independent contractor agreement
  39. Free Mold Waiver
  40. Free brochure builder
  41. Free online tutorials on website navigation
  42. Free online Introduction to Infrared Thermography video course
  43. Free InterNACHI Inspection Contract/Agreement (between you and your client
  44. Free online Ethics Obstacle Course
  45. Free unrestricted use of InterNACHI logos for your marketing
  46. Free InterNACHI banners for your website
  47. Free listing of your company on the InterNACHI Member lists
  48. Free course Certificates of Completion
  49. Free Fun, informative local meetings
  50. Free tips for your inspection brochure
  51. Free consumer certification verification seal
  52. Free tips for improving your website
  53. Free inspection tips and advice about how to be financially successful
  54. Free access to industry’s most popular message board
  55. Free IAC2 inspection vehicle decals
  56. Free company name choice tools
  57. Free inspection business success tips
  58. Free prominent listing of your company in
  59. Free suggested disclaimers for your inspection agreement
  60. Free negligent referral protection for estate agents
  61. Free member-controlled profile editor for online market presence control
  62. Free educational transcript
  63. Free access to a real estate agent hold harmless clause
  64. Free search engine optimization tools
  65. Free search engine submission
  66. Free DNS forwarding service
  67. Free Infrared Certified™ professional designation
  68. Free report upload
  69. Much more.
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