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A website is an inspector’s most important marketing tool. Most of those looking for a home inspector are looking online. Their first impression of you will be from what they see when first looking at your website. For this reason it’s crucial that your site:

1. Attract and hold their interest.

2. Make them call you.

InspectorPages  provides low-cost, easy-to-edit websites designed specifically for home inspectors. Pick from over 100 themes, customize them, or use them as they are. You can easily add  photos and as many pages as you want. Changing the titles and content is simple! Pick from a variety of  plug-ins that allow you to view your site statistics,  create anything from a basic “contact us” form to a full-featured “book an inspection” form, and much more.

Cost at this time is about R120 a month, but may not last. Subscribe now!

Content and Organization  Nick Gromicko, founder of InterNACHI and the world’s foremost expert on marketing for home inspectors provides you with a detailed guide on what content to include in your website, where to find it, and how to arrange it.



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